The best days of our lives

Nuwanthika Dharmaratne
3 min readSep 17, 2018



3 am.

A sky full of stars.

A shooting star making its way across the sky.

Unbelievable huh?

While this was probably one of the biggest highlights of my entire existence, I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Maybe for a split second I was, but my mind resumed to extreme paranoia the next second.

Four people I cared about were standard in the middle of a city none of them knew. It was 3 am and they had just gotten into strange tuk tuk and were travelling across a road famous for elephant crossings.

I had no way of checking on them without climbing up a rock for cell reception, and 3 am was no time to do such a thing in a quiet, peaceful village enveloped by darkness with bats hanging from the trees.

So I waited. Started praying, and waited.

When a vehicle carrying these four people finally arrived I could honestly say that I had never felt such joy at the sight of a tuk tuk before.

Friday 2 am.

2 People at the Pettah bus stand starting their journey to Dambulla.

Friday 2.09 am.

One person realizing her wallet isn’t there.

Friday 2. 10 am.

Calling her dad in a complete state of panic.

Friday 2.29 am.

Picking up the wallet and almost missing the bus.

Friday 2.30 am.

Not missing the bus.


Saturday 12 midnight.

Four people getting off from the Dambulla bus stand and trying to locate their pick up vehicle.

Saturday 12.30 am.

Starting to panic at the realization that the vehicle was not coming for them.

Saturday 1.30 am.

After many debates whether to stay put in Dambulla or risk their way to the destination, the latter wins.

Saturday 3.00 am.

Four people making their way through a ghostly road with just the stars in the sky for company.


Saturday 8 am.

The real adventure begins. 60 hopeful kids, 7 nervous volunteers and a few pens, papers and a million aspirations.

Saturday 12 noon.

30 kids, the same 7 volunteers, now a little braver.

A day filled with laughter, happiness and gratitude.


Saturday 4 am.

A walk down a road.

Stone cold water.

The clouds for a ceiling and child like excitement.


Saturday 6.30 pm.

Milk tea, conversations about life, love and the universe.

A lift from a stranger.

7 people jam packed in the front seat of an 8 wheel lorry.


Sunday 12.30 am.

Back in Colombo.

A PickMe to finally get home.

And of course, a breakdown.


Memories for a life time.

An opportunity to inspire the best kind of people.

A chance to create memories with like minded dreamers.

Living the best days of our lives to give them the best days of their lives.

*Because some stories are too good to even begin to try and put them into words. Maybe it will get on the pages of a book one day. But for now, those who know will know, others will wonder and I will be grateful.



Nuwanthika Dharmaratne

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